Commission pricing 2024

Last week I opened up a poll on twitter and instagram about my commission rates. I’ve gotten a bunch of replies and feedback (thank you all!) and took some time to reconsider the options. Here are the new commission prices starting this year:

Why new prices?

At the end of last year the shop I’ve continually bought my materials from over the past 10 years closed up shop. Being a regular there, i was able to get my materials at a discounted rate. With them closing up, i’m having to order materials online from various shops. Different shops for fleece, felt, textile pens, threads etc. I recalculated the costs and realised a plush costs at least € 25 – 30 in materials alone (not counting any hours or shipping costs). In addition: the past year or so i’ve had friends and commissioners tell me I should reconsider my rates as they thought I was underselling myself. All of this taken into account: it was time to change the pricing!

What’s new?

Part of making the pricing more fair: i calculated some standard prices by the hours worked on a project. I’m still a hobbyist, so there is no need for me to charge a living hourly wage. However seeing as some projects take much longer to complete, it only seemed fair to standardize different rates. Here are some examples:

Another new addition are the rates for custom sizes. Standard sizes are most commonly ordered, but i’d still like to be able to offer the option for custom size plushies. I’ve calculated a starting rate: seeing as the final pricing will depend on the design and sizing.

Finally i’ll start working with commission slots. As I work full-time, i’m not always able to work on commissions immediately. Working with commission slots is an easy way for me to have control over my spare time and means that plushies will be done within the 4 week time period! Win-win!

When will the commission slots be open?

The next 2 commission slots will open up on January 11th at 19:00pm CET (Amsterdam). E-mail me at with the following details:

  • Amount of plushies you’d like to order
  • Clear reference pictures
  • List your country (to calculate shipping costs)

– Much love

Thank you all for your continued support!! <3

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