Commission Info



I’ve been handsewing plushies since 2011 and I never stopped creating ever since. I’m a hobbyist rather than a full-time seamstress. I have recently finished my BA studies in Social Work and I currently work as a part-time shelf stacker in a local supermarket. I work on plush commissions in my spare time, so please note that your commission takes approx. 1 – 4 weeks to finish (after payment has been received). If you have any questions regarding your order, you can always contact me via or on my Facebook page. I will try and get back to you as soon as possible

About the creations

All of my plush creations are sewn by hand! Which makes every single plush an unique creation. The base plushies are made out of fleece materials and the clothes/hair etc. are made out of felt. Most parts are sewn on and small parts such as hair, eyes and details are glued on using textile glue.

Plushies come in all different sizes and shapes but the most requested sizes are normal and big sized. The normal sized plushies are 15 – 18cm tall while the big sizes plushies are 18 – 22cm tall. Custom sizes can be discussed.

As all the plushies are sewn by hand, finishing a plush project takes up quite some time. Sewing the base of the plushie takes up about an hour. Finishing the creation takes up between 2 – 10 hours depending on the commission and detail of the character.

Price chart

Every plushie is different! They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. I charge money for the materials I use and a very small fee for the amount of work that goes into making these. The money is used to buy new materials such as felt, glue, filling and thread. This way I’m able to fund my hobby and experiment with new materials.

What is the difference between a basic and a detailed plushie?
How detailed the character’s outfit is will determine whether or not the plush will be considered detailed. For example: a plush wearing basic clothing will be categorized as a basic plushie while a detailed theatrical costume is considered as a detailed plush. Note that additional props/accessories will cost extra and aren’t included in the price!

Small plushie (10 – 15 cm) Basic                     €12,-

Small plushie (10 – 15 cm) Detailed               €15,-

Normal plushie (15 – 18 cm) Basic                 €15,-

Normal plushie (15 – 18 cm) Detailed           €18,-

Big plushie (18 – 22 cm) Basic                          €18,-

Big plush (18 – 22 cm) Detailed                       €21,-


Payment and policy

I only accept payment via Paypal. Paypal is an easy and safe payment platform for both the customer and seller. I will send you an invoice. I will start working on the commission once payment has been received. All payments must be in EURO. Paypal automatically converts the money to EURO, so not to worry if your country uses another currency. Note: Payment is done up front. This way I’m able to buy new materials for the commission. When payment is requested you will receive more detailed/personalized payment instructions from me.

Shipping costs

Shipping and handling costs are not included in the base price of the plushies and will be calculated on a case by case basis. The prices listed below are an indication of what shipping costs may be.

Plushies are shipped via PostNL; Postal prices are beyond my control sadly and change on a regular basis. Note: Prices for Europe are based on EUR zone 1! Prices may differ if you live in EUR zone 2 or 3!