New website launch!

Welcome back everyone! It’s been a long time coming – but my renewed website is finally here!
I’m very happy with how it’s all come together. Definitely planning on keeping this neatly updated alongside my socials this
time around 🙂 

As you might have noticed: i’ve been away for a little while. In all honesty, I was ready to close down the website about a year ago,
as I had stopped creating plushies entirely. I had moved onto other creative ventures for a bit and every plush project I started just didn’t feel right. I had lost the spark…

Until Baldur’s Gate 3 came along. Ever since the release, it has rekindled my love for crafts. It has honestly inspired me to start creating again, which i am eternally grateful for! I even decided to travel to MCM London comic con with my partner to meet the cast of this amazing game and get my work signed by them. Don’t worry, I’ll dedicate another blog post to my experience 😉  

For the next few plushies I’m definitely staying within the Baldur’s Gate 3 realm for a little bit – expanding on the origin characters i haven’t made. I might try my hand at challenging project again…i have some ideas…..

In any case: please stay tuned and thank you all again for the kind words on my recent work! 

– Much love

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