Symmetra reporting

I’ve been meaning to write this blog since the beginning of this year. It’s been sitting in my drafts for ages but I finally got around publishing it!

As you all know I’ve started working on my Overwatch plush project. It’s a project I’ve been putting lots of time, love and effort into. Whenever I finish an Overwatch plush I tend to tag either the official Overwatch twitter and/or some of the writers. I never expect any replies but when I do get them it’s great! It’s good to know that fanartists are appreciated by the original creators!

What I did not expect was Anjali Bhimani (the voice actress of Symmetra) to find my plushies and retweet them! Especially in something she wasn’t tagged in. It rarely ever happens that (voice) actors like/retweet things at their own accord without being tagged in them.


(You can find the original video on twitter here)

Anjali has been extremely supportive of my work as well as the work of other fanartists on several platforms. It’s such a motivation to keep working and creating art for me. There are so many people/official accounts out there who take their fans for granted and don’t take the time to interact over social media. I do get why some of them can’t, but it’s just so refreshing to see an entire team of people care about the community. Anjali strikes me as a kind and caring person. I do hope I’ll get to meet her in person someday and thank her for her kindness and support.

Make sure to check out Anjali’s youtube channel: sweeetanj – her ‘I am fun sized’ series is extremely inspiring!!

-Much love

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